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Areas of Practice

Employment Law

Employment Law

Representing Employees & Employers

Whether negotiating an employment agreement, making a complaint regarding overtime pay, sexual harassment, or family leave, or bringing a lawsuit for wrongful termination, we are committed to providing quality work and efficient service to all our clients.

We handle virtually every type of employment issue, including:

  • Employee Agreements
  • Discrimination and Harassment Issues
  • Leave Issues
  • Overtime Disputes
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Disability
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Employment Litigation

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Employment Law

Our Concentrations

Employee Agreements

We assist with negotiating and reviewing covenants not to compete, trade secret agreements, severance packages, and all other types of employment agreements.

Discrimination and Harassment Issues

We provide advice regarding discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected status.

Leave Issues
We are experienced in the intricacies of state and federal laws regarding family, medical, parental, and military leave.
Overtime Disputes

We help employees recover compensation for overtime or other hours worked.

Worker's Compensation

We assist clients who have been injured on the job and need to make a workers’ compensation claim or a claim against someone other than their employer.

Disability Issues

We advise clients who have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation from their employer.

Wrongful Termination

We represent clients who have been wrongfully fired by their employers for any reason.

Employment Litigation

Whatever the issue, Bosen & Associates can help clients make a complaint to the employer or administrative agency and negotiate a resolution of the dispute. When necessary and appropriate, we can also represent clients in a lawsuit, in all state and federal courts.

Whether resolving a dispute or litigating it, we employ a common sense and cost-effective approach to problem-solving, working as a team with our colleagues and our clients.

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